1. Jars
2. Containers
3. Flasks
4. Amphorae
5. Carboys
6. Decanters
7. Flagons
8. Flasks
9. Growlers
10. Jugs
11. Kegs
12. Magnums
13. Phials
14. Pots
15. Vials
16. Cruets
17. Demijohns
18. Carafes
19. Flacons
20. Cans
21. Casks
22. Flagon
23. Keg
24. Growler
25. Carboy
26. Amphora
27. Vat
28. Beakers
29. Phial
30. Cruet

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «bottles»? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of 30 other words for bottles. From jars and containers to flasks, amphorae, carboys, decanters, flagons, growlers, jugs, kegs, magnums, phials, pots, vials, cruets, demijohns, carafes, flacons, cans, casks, flagon, keg, growler, carboy, amphora, vat, beakers, phial, and cruet, you will be sure to find the perfect word to describe your bottles. Whether you are writing a story, crafting a poem, or exploring the depths of your creativity, these synonyms for bottles are sure to inspire you.