1. Flask
2. Jar
3. Jug
4. Vessel
5. Container
6. Amphora
7. Carafe
8. Cruet
9. Decanter
10. Demijohn
11. Pitcher
12. Flask
13. Flask
14. Keg
15. Phial
16. Urn
17. Vial
18. Canteen
19. Flagon
20. Flagoon
21. Kettle
22. Pot
23. Tankard
24. Vat
25. Crucible
26. Carboy
27. Beaker
28. Flask
29. Urceolus
30. Amphora

When looking for synonyms for the word “bottle”, there are many different ideas and options. Whether you are looking for the best and most creative ideas or simply other words for the word “bottle”, there are a number of options. From flasks and jars to jugs and vessels, there are many different words that can be used to mean the same thing. Other words for “bottle” include amphora, carafe, cruet, decanter, demijohn, pitcher, flask, keg, phial, urn, vial, canteen, flagon, flagoon, kettle, pot, tankard, vat, crucible, carboy, beaker, flask, and urceolus. These are just a few of the various words that can be used to mean the same thing as “bottle”.