1. Beantown
2. Hub of the Universe
3. Cradle of the American Revolution
4. Athens of America
5. City on a Hill
6. Puritan City
7. City of Champions
8. The Walking City
9. The City of Notions
10. The City of Firsts
11. The City of Superlatives
12. The City of Colleges
13. The Hub
14. The Olde Towne
15. America’s Walking City
16. The Athens of the West
17. The City of Higher Learning
18. The City of Champions
19. The City of Innovation
20. The City of Progress
21. The City of Patriots
22. The City of Scholars
23. The City of History
24. The City of Culture
25. The City of Tradition
26. The City of Education
27. The City of Liberty
28. The City of Opportunity
29. The City of Tolerance
30. The City on a Hill

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