1. Delivered
2. Emerged
3. Sprung
4. Hatched
5. Brought forth
6. Generated
7. Spawned
8. Produced
9. Arisen
10. Issued
11. Originated
12. Procreated
13. Bred
14. Begot
15. Developed
16. Conceived
17. Fathered
18. Created
19. Sired
20. Fostered
21. Nurtured
22. Gave birth
23. Dropped
24. Emerged
25. Fructified
26. Sprouted
27. Spawned
28. Began
29. Initiated
30. Incepted

Finding the best synonyms for the word «born» can be difficult, but it is essential in order to communicate effectively. Whether you are writing a paper for school, a blog post, or a business document, having a variety of synonyms for «born» can help you express yourself more clearly. Here is a list of 30 synonyms for «born» that can help you find the right word for the right situation. Delivered, emerged, sprung, hatched, brought forth, generated, spawned, produced, arisen, issued, originated, procreated, bred, begot, developed, conceived, fathered, created, sired, fostered, nurtured, gave birth, dropped, emerged, fructified, sprouted, spawned, began, initiated, and incepted are all great ideas for other words for «born».