Synonyms for «Book»:

1. Tome
2. Volume
3. Text
4. Guide
5. Manual
6. Publication
7. Treatise
8. Codex
9. Folio
10. Pamphlet
11. Brochure
12. Lexicon
13. Almanac
14. Register
15. Compendium
16. Primer
17. Index
18. Ledger
19. Catalogue
20. Anthology
21. Dictionay
22. Almanack
23. Compilation
24. Workbook
25. Primer
26. Lexis
27. Libretto
28. Glossary
29. Folio
30. Catechism

When searching for other words for «Book», there are many ideas to consider. Some of the best synonyms for «Book» include Tome, Volume, Text, Guide, Manual, Publication, Treatise, Codex, Folio, Pamphlet, Brochure, Lexicon, Almanac, Register, Compendium, Primer, Index, Ledger, Catalogue, Anthology, Dictionary, Almanack, Compilation, Workbook, Primer, Lexis, Libretto, Glossary, Folio, and Catechism. These words can be used to describe a variety of books, from novels to textbooks, and can help broaden the scope of a conversation about books. Whether you are looking for a specific type of book or a more general term, these synonyms can help you find the right word for the job.