Synonyms for Bones:

1. Skeleton
2. Frame
3. Structure
4. Anatomy
5. Backbone
6. Skeletal System
7. Framework
8. Ossature
9. Marrow
10. Limbs
11. Joints
12. Ribs
13. Cranium
14. Skull
15. Pelvis
16. Patella
17. Cartilage
18. Femur
19. Tibia
20. Vertebrae
21. Phalanges
22. Mandible
23. Clavicle
24. Sternum
25. Scapula
26. Metacarpals
27. Metatarsals
28. Coccyx
29. Radius
30. Ulna

When looking for other words for bones, the best ideas are to think of the different parts that make up the skeletal system. The bones of the body provide structure and support, and they also protect vital organs. Synonyms for bones include skeleton, frame, structure, anatomy, backbone, skeletal system, framework, ossature, marrow, limbs, joints, ribs, cranium, skull, pelvis, patella, cartilage, femur, tibia, vertebrae, phalanges, mandible, clavicle, sternum, scapula, metacarpals, metatarsals, coccyx, radius, and ulna. Each of these terms refer to a different part of the body’s skeletal system and can be used to help explain the importance of bones in the human body.