1. Fled
2. Escaped
3. Ran
4. Hastened
5. Darted
6. Skedaddled
7. Departed
8. Eloped
9. Evacuated
10. Retreated
11. Scampered
12. Took flight
13. Raced
14. Sprang
15. Absconded
16. Zipped
17. Hightailed
18. Jetted
19. Hopped
20. Flitted
21. Scooted
22. Streaked
23. Abruptly left
24. Fled hastily
25. Hotfooted
26. Hied
27. Scrambled
28. Hastily withdrew
29. Quickly ran away
30. Speedily left

Searching for synonyms for the word «bolted» can be daunting. Whether you need ideas for a creative writing piece, a speech, or a school assignment, you can find the best words to convey your message. From «fled» to «hied» and «darted» to «scooted,» there are plenty of other words to choose from. If you’re looking for a variety of options, the list above includes 30 different synonyms for the word «bolted.» Each of these words has a slightly different meaning and can help you add variety to your writing. Whether you’re looking for a quick escape or a speedy retreat, these synonyms for «bolted» can help you find just the right word.