1. Kettle
2. Cauldron
3. Autoclave
4. Retort
5. Caldron
6. Furnace
7. Cooker
8. Cookpot
9. Evaporator
10. Heater
11. Steamer
12. Pot
13. Still
14. Digester
15. Reboiler
16. Firebox
17. Boiling pot
18. Pressure cooker
19. Calorifier
20. Urn
21. Brew kettle
22. Tea urn
23. Hot water tank
24. Calorifier
25. Boiling chamber
26. Boiling vessel
27. Boiling pan
28. Boiling tub
29. Boiling kettle
30. Boiling caldron

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word «boiler», there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for another word for «boiler», other words for «boiler», or synonyms for «boiler», this list of 30 ideas will provide you with plenty of options. From «kettle» to «digester» to «calorifier», you can find the perfect word to express your idea. Whether you are looking for a technical term or a more common word, this list of boiler synonyms will help you find the perfect word for your needs.