Synonyms for Boat:

1. Vessel
2. Craft
3. Ship
4. Dinghy
5. Yacht
6. Canoe
7. Kayak
8. Raft
9. Sloop
10. Catamaran
11. Schooner
12. Barque
13. Barge
14. Ferry
15. Pinnace
16. Cutter
17. Coracle
18. Galley
19. Skiff
20. Birlinn
21. Bumbo
22. Junker
23. Junk
24. Ketch
25. Longboat
26. Pram
27. Pungy
28. Rowboat
29. Smack
30. Trawler

When you need to find the right word for a boat, the best ideas are to use synonyms. There are many different words that can be used to refer to a boat. Some of the most common synonyms for boat are vessel, craft, ship, dinghy, yacht, canoe, kayak, raft, sloop, catamaran, schooner, barque, barge, ferry, pinnace, cutter, coracle, galley, skiff, birlinn, bumbo, junker, junk, ketch, longboat, pram, pungy, rowboat, smack, and trawler. Each of these words has its own unique meaning and can be used to refer to a boat in a variety of contexts. Whether you are writing a story, giving directions, or just describing something, using synonyms for boat can give your writing more variety and make it more interesting.