1. Impeded
2. Obstructed
3. Barred
4. Stymied
5. Interdicted
6. Tabooed
7. Prohibited
8. Hindered
9. Restricted
10. Precluded
11. Censored
12. Blocked off
13. Shut down
14. Sealed off
15. Sequestered
16. Obscured
17. Covered
18. Concealed
19. Masked
20. Blunted
21. Clogged
22. Congested
23. Strangled
24. Arrested
25. Halted
26. Stalled
27. Plugged
28. Stoppered
29. Choked
30. Plugged up

Finding the right words to describe a situation can be difficult, but luckily there are a variety of synonyms for the word «blocked» that can help to better explain what you mean. Whether you’re looking for other words for «blocked» that are more specific, or simply need ideas to help you express yourself better, this list of synonyms is a great resource. From «impeded» and «obstructed» to «halted» and «stoppered», you’ll find the best ideas to help you explain what you mean in a more accurate and concise manner. Whether you’re writing for a professional or personal purpose, these synonyms for «blocked» can help you communicate your ideas more effectively.