Synonyms for Blind:

1. Sightless
2. Unsighted
3. Dim
4. Obscure
5. Dark
6. Unenlightened
7. Oblivious
8. Unaware
9. Unconscious
10. Unperceiving
11. Unseeing
12. Unobservant
13. Unenlightened
14. Unrecognizing
15. Unappreciative
16. Unperceptive
17. Unmindful
18. Insensible
19. Uninformed
20. Unapprised
21. Unacquainted
22. Unversed
23. Ignorant
24. Unenlighted
25. Unilluminated
26. Unaware
27. Unmindful
28. Unconscious
29. Unknowing
30. Unwitting

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