1. African Americans
2. People of Color
3. Dark-skinned
4. Ebony
5. Melanin-rich
6. Negroes
7. Coloreds
8. African Descendants
9. Afro-Descendants
10. Blacks
11. African-Americans
12. African Diaspora
13. Afro-Caribbeans
14. Afro-Latinos
15. Afro-Europeans
16. Darks
17. Negroids
18. Mulattos
19. Mestizos
20. Afro-Asians
21. Afro-Indians
22. Afro-Arabians
23. Afro-Turks
24. Afro-Germans
25. Afro-Italians
26. Afro-Australians
27. Afro-Canadians
28. Afro-Brazilians
29. Afro-Russians
30. Afro-Greeks

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