Synonyms for “Black”
1. Ebony
2. Jet
3. Sooty
4. Raven
5. Charcoal
6. Onyx
7. Coal
8. Jet-black
9. Stygian
10. Pitch
11. Obsidian
12. Licorice
13. Sable
14. Inky
15. Night
16. Stygian
17. Pitch-dark
18. Inky-black
19. Soot
20. Blackish
21. Dark
22. Dusky
23. Gloomy
24. Midnight
25. Swarthy
26. Murky
27. Ashen
28. Ebon
29. Jetty
30. Blacky

When you are looking for different words to describe the color black, there are many ideas to consider. Whether you are writing a creative piece of work or a professional document, having a variety of synonyms at your disposal can help you express yourself in a unique and interesting way. Some of the best synonyms for black include ebony, jet, sooty, raven, charcoal, onyx, coal, jet-black, stygian, pitch, obsidian, licorice, sable, inky, night, stygian, pitch-dark, inky-black, soot, blackish, dark, dusky, gloomy, midnight, swarthy, murky, ashen, ebon, jetty, and blacky. By using a variety of these words, you can create a more vivid and descriptive piece of writing.