1. Diocese
2. See
3. Episcopate
4. Jurisdiction
5. Prefecture
6. Primacy
7. Vicariate
8. Exarchate
9. Apostolic Administration
10. Ordinariate
11. Prerogative
12. Superintendency
13. Prerogative
14. Ecclesiastical Province
15. Episcopal Office
16. Episcopal See
17. Episcopal District
18. Episcopal Residence
19. Episcopal Palace
20. Episcopal Mansion
21. Episcopal Palace
22. Episcopal Jurisdiction
23. Episcopal Vicariate
24. Episcopal Vicar
25. Episcopal Diocese
26. Episcopal Visitations
27. Episcopal Ordination
28. Episcopal Visitation
29. Episcopal Authority
30. Episcopal Region

When looking for synonyms for the word ‘bishopric’, there are many great ideas to consider. From ‘diocese’ and ‘see’ to ‘prerogative’ and ‘superintendency’, the list of possible words that can be used to replace ‘bishopric’ is vast. While different words may be used to describe the same concept, it is important to choose the best option for the specific context. Whether one is looking for a word to use in a religious context or in a more general setting, there are many great synonyms to choose from. From ‘episcopate’ and ‘jurisdiction’ to ‘vicariate’ and ‘exarchate’, the list of synonyms for ‘bishopric’ is seemingly endless. With so many great ideas, it is easy to find the perfect word to use in any context.