1. Origin
2. Natal Land
3. Homeland
4. Cradle
5. Womb
6. Hometown
7. Native Land
8. Home
9. Native Place
10. Birthland
11. Place of Origin
12. Birth City
13. Birth State
14. Birth Province
15. Place of Birth
16. Native City
17. Native State
18. Native Province
19. Place of Nativity
20. Birth Country
21. Native Country
22. Provenance
23. Point of Origin
24. Origin Point
25. Source
26. Source of Origin
27. Wellspring
28. Fountainhead
29. Originator
30. Cradleland

Finding the perfect synonyms for the word «birthplace» can be difficult, but with the right ideas and resources, it can be done. Whether you’re looking for the best synonyms for a creative writing project or a professional document, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the best synonyms for «birthplace» include origin, natal land, homeland, cradle, womb, hometown, native land, home, native place, birthland, place of origin, birth city, birth state, birth province, place of birth, native city, native state, native province, place of nativity, birth country, native country, provenance, point of origin, origin point, source, source of origin, wellspring, fountainhead, originator, and cradleland. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for «birthplace,» you can find the perfect word to describe the place of someone’s birth.