Synonyms for BIRDS:

1. Fowl
2. Avians
3. Aves
4. Winged creatures
5. Winged animals
6. Flying creatures
7. Winged birds
8. Winged fowls
9. Feathered creatures
10. Feathered birds
11. Avifauna
12. Fliers
13. Feathered friends
14. Plumed creatures
15. Plumed birds
16. Waders
17. Waterfowl
18. Water birds
19. Raptors
20. Passerines
21. Passeriformes
22. Birds of prey
23. Seabirds
24. Shorebirds
25. Songbirds
26. Shore fowl
27. Game birds
28. Poultry
29. Wildfowl
30. Air fowl

Looking for the best ideas and other words for «BIRDS»? With this list of synonyms, you can find the perfect term to describe these feathered creatures. From «fowl» and «avians» to «waterfowl» and «poultry», you can find the perfect synonym for any context. Whether you’re looking for a more scientific term like «aves» or a more poetic one like «feathered friends», this list has you covered. With these 30 synonyms for «birds», you can find the perfect word to describe these winged creatures.