1. Huge
2. Vast
3. Immense
4. Enormous
5. Gargantuan
6. Brobdingnagian
7. Colossal
8. Massive
9. Monumental
10. Stupendous
11. Humongous
12. Titanic
13. Substantial
14. Grand
15. Huge
16. Extended
17. Expansive
18. Extensive
19. Far-reaching
20. Wide
21. Jumbo
22. Heavy
23. Lofty
24. Bulky
25. Big-time
26. Great
27. Considerable
28. Capacious
29. Copious
30. Staggering

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word “BIG”, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for other words for “big” or simply trying to find the best synonyms for the word, the list above provides plenty of options. From “Huge” and “Vast” to “Gargantuan” and “Colossal”, there are plenty of words that accurately capture the meaning of the word “BIG”. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more specific term to use, there are several other words to choose from, such as “Jumbo”, “Lofty”, and “Bulky”. No matter what type of synonym you’re looking for, this list provides plenty of ideas to choose from.