1. Offers
2. Proposals
3. Quotations
4. Submissions
5. Entreaties
6. Requests
7. Invitations
8. Pleas
9. Proffers
10. Supplications
11. Suggestions
12. Overtures
13. Applications
14. Demands
15. Appeals
16. Tenders
17. Invites
18. Invocations
19. Invoices
20. Requisitions
21. Petitions
22. Requisitions
23. Invocations
24. Supplications
25. Solicitations
26. Suggestions
27. Solicitations
28. Requests
29. Invites
30. Entreaties

When it comes to finding the best ideas for your project, you should consider using synonyms for the word «bids». Synonyms for bids include offers, proposals, quotations, submissions, entreaties, requests, invitations, pleas, proffers, supplications, suggestions, overtures, applications, demands, appeals, tenders, invites, invocations, invoices, requisitions, petitions, requisitions, invocations, supplications, solicitations, requests, and invites. All of these words can be used to effectively communicate your project’s needs and desires to potential bidders. By using synonyms for the word «bids», you can ensure that your project is accurately described and that all parties involved understand the exact scope of the project. Additionally, by using synonyms for bids, you can also make sure that the bids you receive are accurate and competitive, allowing you to get the best value for your project.