Synonyms for the word “Bible”:

1. Scriptures
2. Holy Writ
3. Sacred Texts
4. Word of God
5. Good Book
6. Divine Writings
7. Canon
8. Scripture
9. Divine Law
10. Scripture of Faith
11. Holy Scripture
12. Sacred Writings
13. Sacred Canon
14. Scripture of Life
15. Scripture of Salvation
16. Sacred Volume
17. Holy Writings
18. Divine Revelation
19. Holy Bible
20. God’s Word
21. Word of Life
22. Word of the Lord
23. Word of Truth
24. Word of Wisdom
25. Book of Faith
26. Book of Truth
27. Book of Life
28. Gospel
29. God’s Law
30. Sacred Writ

When searching for other words to describe the Bible, it can be difficult to find the best ideas and synonyms. However, there are many synonyms for the word “Bible” that can be used to describe the sacred text. Some of the best ideas include “Scriptures”, “Holy Writ”, “Sacred Texts”, “Word of God”, “Good Book”, “Divine Writings”, “Canon”, “Scripture”, and “Divine Law”. These words can be used to describe the Bible in a variety of contexts and can help to convey the importance of the sacred text. When looking for other words to describe the Bible, these synonyms can be a great starting point and provide a range of options.