1. Generosity
2. Altruism
3. Compassion
4. Kindness
5. Philanthropy
6. Humanitarianism
7. Charity
8. Leniency
9. Graciousness
10. Consideration
11. Magnanimity
12. Goodwill
13. Generousness
14. Sympathy
15. Thoughtfulness
16. Liberality
17. Courtesy
18. Clemency
19. Mercy
20. Altruistic
21. Forbearance
22. Generous-heartedness
23. Considerateness
24. Humaneness
25. Tenderness
26. Lenity
27. Friendliness
28. Benevolent
29. Sympathetic
30. Kindhearted

Searching for synonyms for the word «benevolence» can be a great way to expand your vocabulary and find the perfect word to use in any situation. Whether you’re looking for the best words to use in a creative writing piece or a way to express your feelings to a loved one, there are plenty of synonyms for benevolence that can help you find the right words. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for benevolence include generosity, altruism, compassion, kindness, philanthropy, and humanitarianism. These words can be used to express a deep sense of goodwill and kindness towards another person or group of people. Other synonyms for benevolence include leniency, graciousness, consideration, magnanimity, and generousness. All of these words convey a sense of generosity and kindness that can be used in a variety of situations. Whether you’re looking for the perfect word to express a feeling of goodwill or to make a creative writing piece more interesting, these synonyms for benevolence are sure to help.