1. Profiting
2. Availing
3. Reaping
4. Accruing
5. Deriving
6. Enjoying
7. Gaining
8. Harvesting
9. Helping
10. Increasing
11. Lucrative
12. Making
13. Obtaining
14. Partaking
15. Profiting
16. Realizing
17. Receiving
18. Rewarding
19. Sharing
20. Taking
21. Valuable
22. Advantageous
23. Fruitful
24. Rewarding
25. Reaping
26. Flourishing
27. Lucrative
28. Profiting
29. Substantial
30. Thriving

Finding synonyms for the word “benefiting” can help you come up with creative ideas for your writing. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas for a blog post, an article, or a creative project, having a list of synonyms for “benefiting” can be a great starting point. With words like profiting, availing, reaping, accruing, and deriving, you can find the right words to express your ideas. Other words for “benefiting” include enjoying, gaining, harvesting, helping, increasing, lucrative, making, obtaining, partaking, realizing, receiving, rewarding, sharing, taking, valuable, advantageous, fruitful, rewarding, reaping, flourishing, lucrative, profiting, substantial, and thriving. With this list of synonyms for “benefiting”, you can come up with innovative ideas for your writing.