1. Accept
2. Assume
3. Confide
4. Consider
5. Credit
6. Depend
7. Endorse
8. Entrust
9. Estimate
10. Expect
11. Feel
12. Hold
13. Hope
14. Imagine
15. Impute
16. Presume
17. Reckon
18. Rely
19. Suppose
20. Take
21. Think
22. Trust
23. Understand
24. Uphold
25. Value
26. Wager
27. Weigh
28. Affirm
29. Postulate
30. Surmise

When it comes to expressing trust and faith in someone or something, one of the best ideas is to use synonyms for the word “believe”. Synonyms for believe can be used to express a wide range of emotions and feelings, from accepting something as true to hoping for the best. Examples of synonyms for believe include “accept”, “assume”, “confide”, “consider”, “credit”, “depend”, “endorse”, “entrust”, “estimate”, “expect”, “feel”, “hold”, “hope”, “imagine”, “impute”, “presume”, “reckon”, “rely”, “suppose”, “take”, “think”, “trust”, “understand”, “uphold”, “value”, “wager”, “weigh”, “affirm”, “postulate”, and “surmise”. Using synonyms for believe can help to convey a more nuanced message and more accurately express what you are feeling.