1. Start
2. Commence
3. Launch
4. Initiate
5. Open
6. Introduce
7. Activate
8. Ignite
9. Activate
10. Set off
11. Embark
12. Kick off
13. Inaugurate
14. Prime
15. Activate
16. Take off
17. Set in motion
18. Springboard
19. Activate
20. Set up
21. Introductory
22. Inception
23. Origin
24. Start up
25. Initiatory
26. Activate
27. Take up
28. Trigger
29. Jump start
30. Groundwork

When you need to start something new, it can be difficult to know where to begin. But with the right words and ideas, you can make the best of any situation. Synonyms for beginning like «start», «commence», «launch», and «initiate» can help you get the ball rolling. Other words for beginning like «open», «introduce», «activate», and «ignite» can help you find the perfect way to begin a project or task. The best ideas for beginning something new can be found by using words like «set off», «embark», «kick off», and «inaugurate». These words can help you find the right words to express your ideas and get your project off the ground.