1. Start
2. Launch
3. Open
4. Commence
5. Introduce
6. Activate
7. Initiate
8. Introduce
9. Activate
10. Embark
11. Set off
12. Ignite
13. Beginnings
14. Inception
15. Activate
16. Instigate
17. Activate
18. Set in motion
19. Kick off
20. Inspire
21. Undertake
22. Set up
23. Fire up
24. Take off
25. Trigger
26. Jumpstart
27. Get going
28. Take up
29. Fire off
30. Start up

When you are looking for the best ideas and other words for the concept of beginning, there are many synonyms that can be used. From start and launch to open and commence, there are many words to choose from. Other words for beginning include introduce, activate, initiate, and embark. Synonyms for the word “begin” can also include set off, ignite, beginnings, inception, and instigate. For those looking to kick off a project or fire up a conversation, words like set in motion, take off, trigger, jumpstart, get going, take up, fire off, and start up can be used. No matter which word you choose, the concept of beginning remains the same.