Synonyms for Beasts:

1. Animals
2. Creatures
3. Wild things
4. Beasts of burden
5. Mammals
6. Fauna
7. Wildlife
8. Brutes
9. Critters
10. Quadrupeds
11. Monstrosities
12. Brutes
13. Monsters
14. Fiends
15. Vermin
16. Beasts of prey
17. Carnivores
18. Predators
19. Savages
20. Barbarians
21. Rogues
22. Beasts of the field
23. Ferals
24. Beasts of the forest
25. Hyenas
26. Reptiles
27. Reptilian
28. Wildcats
29. Beasts of the jungle
30. Wildlife

When looking for other words for beasts, the best ideas are to look for synonyms that describe the many different types of animals that exist in the world. From mammals to predators to wildcats, there are many different types of beasts that can be referred to by different names. Whether you are looking for a synonym for a specific type of animal or just a more general term, there are many different words to choose from. By taking the time to search for synonyms for beasts, you can find the perfect word to accurately describe the animal you are referring to.