1. Carrier
2. Holder
3. Transporter
4. Custodian
5. Courier
6. Conductor
7. Conveyor
8. Deliverer
9. Escort
10. Ferryman
11. Guardian
12. Hauler
13. Host
14. Intermediary
15. Messenger
16. Porter
17. Relay
18. Representative
19. Runner
20. Shipper
21. Steward
22. Sustainer
23. Transferee
24. Transmitter
25. Undertaker
26. Vehicle
27. Vessel
28. Wayfarer
29. Wielder
30. Expresser

When searching for different words to describe the concept of a bearer, it can be difficult to find the perfect choice. Luckily, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe this concept. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for bearer include carrier, holder, transporter, custodian, courier, conductor, conveyor, deliverer, escort, ferryman, guardian, hauler, host, intermediary, messenger, porter, relay, representative, runner, shipper, steward, sustainer, transferee, transmitter, undertaker, vehicle, vessel, wayfarer, wielder, and expresser. These words all encompass the idea of a bearer in some way, making them perfect choices when searching for a synonym.