1. Lavatory
2. Loo
3. Washroom
4. Privy
5. Restroom
6. Toilet
7. Water closet
8. Latrine
9. Commode
10. Powder room
11. Facility
12. John
13. Cloakroom
14. Necessary
15. WC
16. Can
17. Bath
18. Ablution room
19. Sanitary facility
20. W.C.
21. Necessary room
22. Sanitary
23. Lav
24. Throne room
25. Necessary house
26. Comfort station
27. Ablution
28. Lavabo
29. Sanitary convenience
30. Lavatory accommodation

When you are looking for the best ideas to express a bathroom, there are a variety of synonyms you can use. Whether you are looking for another word for ‘bathroom’, or other words for ‘bathroom’, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most popular words for ‘bathroom’ include lavatory, loo, washroom, privy, restroom, toilet, water closet, latrine, commode, powder room, facility, john, cloakroom, necessary, WC, can, bath, ablution room, sanitary facility, W.C., necessary room, sanitary, lav, throne room, necessary house, comfort station, ablution, lavabo, sanitary convenience, and lavatory accommodation. With such a wide variety of words to choose from, you can find the best option to express yourself when talking about a bathroom.