1. Ablution
2. Washing
3. Lavation
4. Cleaning
5. Shower
6. Soak
7. Imbue
8. Rinse
9. Slosh
10. Immerse
11. Bathe
12. Swill
13. Lave
14. Douse
15. Dabble
16. Sponge
17. Perk
18. Splash
19. Scrub
20. Washout
21. Steam
22. Spritz
23. Waft
24. Spatter
25. Cascade
26. Shampoo
27. Imbrue
28. Moisten
29. Showerbath
30. Submerge

When looking for synonyms for the word “bath”, there are many different options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best ideas, or just another word for bath, there are many different phrases that can be used to express the same concept. From “ablution” to “washout” and “showerbath” to “submerge”, you can find a variety of synonyms for the word “bath”. Additionally, you can also use words like “washing”, “lavation”, and “cleaning” to express the same concept. With so many different words to choose from, you can find the perfect way to express the idea of a bath.