1. Flitter
2. Flap
3. Swoop
4. Wing
5. Glide
6. Hover
7. Flutter
8. Wingbeat
9. Veer
10. Soar
11. Fly
12. Cruise
13. Drift
14. Dive
15. Skim
16. Scud
17. Flit
18. Zip
19. Zoom
20. Whirl
21. Spin
22. Circle
23. Flick
24. Beat
25. Glide
26. Gyre
27. Whisk
28. Buzz
29. Flick
30. Swish

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “bat”? Whether you’re a writer, student, or just curious, it’s important to have a wide vocabulary. Here are the best ideas to help you find synonyms for “bat”. Flitter, flap, swoop, wing, glide, hover, flutter, wingbeat, veer, soar, fly, cruise, drift, dive, skim, scud, flit, zip, zoom, whirl, spin, circle, flick, beat, glide, gyre, whisk, buzz, flick, and swish are all great words to use in place of “bat”. With this comprehensive list, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect synonym for “bat”.