1. Feast
2. Gala
3. Spread
4. Reception
5. Repast
6. Treat
7. Smorgasbord
8. Symposium
9. Buffet
10. Dinner
11. Supper
12. Jubilee
13. Festival
14. Binge
15. Extravaganza
16. Get-together
17. Blowout
18. Splurge
19. Blowout
20. Carousal
21. Revelry
22. Fete
23. Boodle
24. Cotillion
25. Carnivale
26. Bask
27. Debauch
28. Revel
29. Orgy
30. Bash

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «banquet»? There are many different ideas and words you can use to describe a banquet. Whether you’re looking for other words for a feast, a gala, a spread, a reception, a repast, a treat, a smorgasbord, a symposium, a buffet, a dinner, a supper, a jubilee, a festival, a binge, an extravaganza, a get-together, a blowout, a splurge, a carousal, a revelry, a fete, a boodle, a cotillion, a carnivale, a bask, a debauch, a revel, an orgy, or a bash, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe a banquet. The best ideas for synonyms for a banquet are feast, gala, spread, reception, repast, treat, smorgasbord, symposium, buffet, dinner, supper, jubilee, festival, binge, extravaganza, get-together, blowout, splurge, carousal, revelry, fete, boodle, cotillion, carnivale, bask, debauch, revel, orgy, and bash.