1. Exiled
2. Ostracized
3. Excommunicated
4. Relegated
5. Ejected
6. Driven out
7. Discharged
8. Shunned
9. Disinherited
10. Dismissed
11. Dispersed
12. Evicted
13. Expelled
14. Outlawed
15. Barred
16. Censured
17. Deported
18. Disbarred
19. Dismissed
20. Excluded
21. Forcibly removed
22. Outcast
23. Ousted
24. Proscribed
25. Rejected
26. Relinquished
27. Repudiated
28. Terminated
29. Thrown out
30. Withdrawn

When trying to find synonyms for the word «banished», there are many ideas to consider. Whether you are looking for the best or most accurate words, or simply need other words for «banished» to make your writing more interesting, the list above can help. There are a variety of words to choose from, such as «exiled», «ostracized», «excommunicated», «relegated», «ejected», and «driven out». Each of these words can be used in place of «banished» to provide a more precise or varied description of the situation. Additionally, these words can be used to add a layer of complexity and intrigue to your writing.