1. East Bengal
2. Bengal
3. East Pakistan
4. People’s Republic of Bangladesh
5. Bengal Delta
6. Bengal Nation
7. Bengal Province
8. Bengal State
9. Bengal Tiger State
10. Bangladeshi Nation
11. Land of Bengal
12. Land of Rivers
13. Land of the Bengal Tigers
14. People’s Republic of Bangladesh
15. South Asian Country
16. South Asian State
17. South Bengal
18. South-East Asian Country
19. South-East Asian State
20. The Bengal
21. The Bengal Delta
22. The Bengal Nation
23. The Bengal Province
24. The Bengal State
25. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
26. The South Asian Country
27. The South Asian State
28. The South-East Asian Country
29. The South-East Asian State
30. The State of Bengal

When looking for other words for Bangladesh, some of the best ideas include East Bengal, Bengal, East Pakistan, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Bengal Delta, and Bengal Nation. These are all terms that are commonly used to refer to the country, and can be used interchangeably. Additionally, terms such as Bengal Province, Bengal State, Bengal Tiger State, Bangladeshi Nation, Land of Bengal, Land of Rivers, and Land of the Bengal Tigers can also be used to refer to Bangladesh. South Asian Country, South Asian State, South Bengal, South-East Asian Country, and South-East Asian State are also good synonyms for Bangladesh. Finally, The Bengal, The Bengal Delta, The Bengal Nation, The Bengal Province, The Bengal State, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, The South Asian Country, The South Asian State, The South-East Asian Country, and The South-East Asian State are all appropriate synonyms for Bangladesh.