1. Bundles
2. Packages
3. Lots
4. Heaps
5. Loads
6. Stacks
7. Piles
8. Hoards
9. Troves
10. Caches
11. Accumulations
12. Collections
13. Assemblages
14. Amassment
15. Conglomerations
16. Accruals
17. Aggregations
18. Accretion
19. Bulks
20. Masses
21. Multitudes
22. Troops
23. Hosts
24. Armies
25. Congeries
26. Concentrates
27. Gatherings
28. Volumes
29. Sums
30. Quantities

When looking for an alternative word for «bales», there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms for bales can range from bundles, packages, and lots to heaps, loads, and stacks. Other words for bales include piles, hoards, troves, caches, and accumulations. There are even more great ideas if one is looking for the best synonyms for bales, such as collections, assemblages, amassment, conglomerations, accruals, aggregations, accretion, bulks, and masses. For even more options, consider multitudes, troops, hosts, armies, congeries, concentrates, gatherings, volumes, sums, and quantities. All of these words can be used as synonyms for bales, and can be useful when one is looking for a variety of words to express the same idea.