1. Valiant
2. Hero
3. Brave
4. Courageous
5. Fearless
6. Gallant
7. Intrepid
8. Stouthearted
9. Daring
10. Audacious
11. Bold
12. Gallant
13. Resolute
14. Dauntless
15. Valiant
16. Doughty
17. Plucky
18. Valiant
19. Stout
20. Hardy
21. Tenacious
22. Heroic
23. Intrepid
24. Dauntless
25. Stalwart
26. Valiant
27. Fearless
28. Audacious
29. Daring
30. Iron-willed

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «bahadur», there are many options to consider. The word «bahadur» is often used to describe someone who is brave, courageous, and fearless. Synonyms for this word include valiant, hero, brave, courageous, fearless, gallant, intrepid, stouthearted, daring, audacious, bold, gallant, resolute, dauntless, valiant, doughty, plucky, valiant, stout, hardy, tenacious, heroic, intrepid, dauntless, stalwart, valiant, fearless, audacious, daring, and iron-willed. Each of these words can be used to describe someone who is brave and courageous in the face of danger. These synonyms can be used in creative writing, literature, and other forms of communication to express the same sentiment.