1. Perplexed
2. Confounded
3. Nonplussed
4. Stumped
5. Mystified
6. Flummoxed
7. Dumbfounded
8. Discombobulated
9. Bemused
10. Beguiled
11. Stupefied
12. Dazed
13. Disoriented
14. Dumbstruck
15. Befuddled
16. Disconcerted
17. Flabbergasted
18. Addled
19. At a loss
20. Staggered
21. Discombobulated
22. In the dark
23. Clueless
24. Lost
25. In the fog
26. Puzzled
27. Bemused
28. Intimidated
29. Overwhelmed
30. Overcome

When searching for other words for “baffled”, there are many ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best synonym for this word or just a few ideas, there is a wide selection of options. Synonyms like perplexed, confounded, nonplussed, stumped, mystified, and flummoxed are all commonly used to describe the feeling of being baffled. Other words like bemused, befuddled, and discombobulated can also be used to express the same sentiment. If you’re looking for a unique way to express your confusion, consider using words like addled, at a loss, or dumbstruck. No matter which words you choose, you can be sure that your meaning will come across clearly.