1. Soak
2. Dip
3. Immerse
4. Submerge
5. Plunge
6. Wade
7. Float
8. Swim
9. Bathe
10. Douse
11. Drench
12. Steep
13. Saturate
14. Percolate
15. Souse
16. Whet
17. Marinate
18. Infuse
19. Simmer
20. Boil
21. Stew
22. Poach
23. Blanch
24. Parboil
25. Boil down
26. Imbue
27. Plash
28. Splosh
29. Whelm
30. Slosh

When we’re looking for other words for «baden,» it’s important to consider the different contexts in which the word can be used. For example, a person might «baden» in a pool or a lake, or they might «baden» in a hot bath. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to consider words that can be used to describe either kind of activity. Soaking, dipping, and immersing are all great words to describe the act of being submerged in a body of water. Meanwhile, words like douse, drench, steep, and saturate can be used to describe the process of being thoroughly soaked in liquid. Other words like wade, float, and swim can describe the activity of being in the water. And finally, words like boil, stew, poach, and blanch can be used to describe different ways of cooking food in a liquid. With this selection of synonyms, you should have plenty of ideas for how to use the word «baden» in your writing.