1. Assyria
2. Chaldea
3. Sumer
4. Mesopotamia
5. Akkad
6. Shinar
7. Babel
8. Tigris
9. Euphrates
10. Akkadian Empire
11. Babylonian Empire
12. Neo-Babylonian Empire
13. Chaldean Empire
14. Amorite Empire
15. Kassite Empire
16. Assyro-Babylonian Empire
17. Akkadian Kingdom
18. Babylonian Kingdom
19. Neo-Babylonian Kingdom
20. Chaldean Kingdom
21. Amorite Kingdom
22. Kassite Kingdom
23. Assyro-Babylonian Kingdom
24. Akkadian Civilization
25. Babylonian Civilization
26. Neo-Babylonian Civilization
27. Chaldean Civilization
28. Amorite Civilization
29. Kassite Civilization
30. Assyro-Babylonian Civilization

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