1. Evaded
2. Escaped
3. Shunned
4. Steered clear of
5. Averted
6. Circumvented
7. Shied away from
8. Abstained from
9. Dodged
10. Refrained from
11. Turned away from
12. Withdrew from
13. Kept away from
14. Warded off
15. Deflected
16. Steered away from
17. Precluded
18. Fled from
19. Prevented
20. Avoided contact with
21. Excluded
22. Steered clear of
23. Repelled
24. Diverted
25. Disengaged from
26. Shied from
27. Eluded
28. Preempted
29. Warded off
30. Debunked

Finding the right words for your project can be difficult. Whether you’re writing a paper, crafting a speech, or creating an advertisement, you may need to find synonyms for “avoided”. Here are some of the best ideas to get you started. Evaded, escaped, shunned, steered clear of, averted, circumvented, shied away from, abstained from, dodged, and refrained from are all excellent alternatives to the word “avoided”. Additionally, you could use turned away from, withdrew from, kept away from, warded off, deflected, steered away from, precluded, fled from, prevented, avoided contact with, excluded, repelled, diverted, disengaged from, shied from, eluded, preempted, debunked, and more. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your context.