1. Antipathetic
2. Averse
3. Disinclined
4. Hesitant
5. Indifferent
6. Loath
7. Negative
8. Reluctant
9. Repugnant
10. Unfavorable
11. Unfriendly
12. Unwilling
13. Antagonistic
14. Disapproving
15. Dislike
16. Hostile
17. Opposed
18. Resistant
19. Unenthusiastic
20. Unsympathetic
21. Abhorrent
22. Antipathetical
23. Contradictory
24. Detestable
25. Disagreeable
26. Inimical
27. Objectionable
28. Repulsive
29. Unenthusiastic
30. Unfavourable

When you are looking for other words for averse, the best ideas are to use synonyms such as antipathetic, disinclined, hesitant, indifferent, loath, negative, reluctant, repugnant, unfavorable, and unfriendly. These words all have similar meanings and can help to broaden your understanding of the phrase. Additionally, words such as antagonistic, disapproving, dislike, hostile, opposed, resistant, unenthusiastic, unsympathetic, abhorrent, antipathetical, contradictory, detestable, disagreeable, inimical, objectionable, and repulsive can also be used to describe averse. All of these words provide a better understanding of the phrase and can help to add more depth to your writing.