Synonyms for Automatic:

1. Unattended
2. Self-acting
3. Robotic
4. Hands-off
5. Self-governing
6. Autonomous
7. Spontaneous
8. Machine-driven
9. Mechanical
10. Reflexive
11. Unthinking
12. Unprompted
13. Instinctive
14. Spontaneous
15. Responsive
16. Unconscious
17. Preprogrammed
18. Automated
19. Programmed
20. Uncontrolled
21. Unmanned
22. Unsupervised
23. Unwatched
24. Unmonitored
25. Unregulated
26. Hands-free
27. Uninterruptible
28. Uninterrupted
29. Involuntary
30. Unforced

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “automatic”, there are many options available. From “unattended” to “unmonitored”, and from “self-governing” to “uncontrolled”, there are numerous other words that can be used to describe the concept of something that is done without conscious thought or effort. Additionally, phrases such as “machine-driven” and “preprogrammed” can be used to further emphasize the idea of something that is done automatically. No matter what type of synonym is needed, there are plenty of options that can be used to get the desired effect.