1. Writers
2. Journalists
3. Scribes
4. Poets
5. Playwrights
6. Columnists
7. Copywriters
8. Novelists
9. Essayists
10. Biographers
11. Lyricists
12. Bloggers
13. Storytellers
14. Scribblers
15. Authors of Fiction
16. Satirists
17. Authors of Non-Fiction
18. Ghostwriters
19. Wordsmiths
20. Writers of Verse
21. Columnists
22. Speechwriters
23. Creatives
24. Authors of Memoirs
25. Scriptwriters
26. Historians
27. Book Authors
28. Content Creators
29. Prose Writers
30. Composers

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word “authors”? There are many words that can be used to describe authors, including writers, journalists, scribes, poets, playwrights, columnists, copywriters, novelists, essayists, biographers, lyricists, bloggers, storytellers, scribblers, authors of fiction, satirists, authors of non-fiction, ghostwriters, wordsmiths, writers of verse, columnists, speechwriters, creatives, authors of memoirs, scriptwriters, historians, book authors, content creators, prose writers, and composers. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, so it is important to choose the one that best fits the context.