1. Command
2. Governance
3. Jurisdiction
4. Mastery
5. Power
6. Prerogative
7. Regulation
8. Rule
9. Supremacy
10. Ascendancy
11. Control
12. Domain
13. Dominion
14. Influence
15. Jurisprudence
16. Leadership
17. Legitimacy
18. Preeminence
19. Principality
20. Right
21. Sovereignty
22. Authority
23. Autarchy
24. Autocracy
25. Authority
26. Dictatorship
27. Hegemony
28. Magistracy
29. Potency
30. Supremacy

When looking for other words for the word «authority», there are many options to consider. The best ideas include command, governance, jurisdiction, mastery, power, prerogative, regulation, rule, and supremacy. These words all convey the same meaning, but may be used in different contexts. For example, command may be used when referring to a leader’s authority over a group of people, while prerogative may be used to describe a person’s right to make a decision or take action. Other words for authority include ascendancy, control, domain, dominion, influence, jurisprudence, leadership, legitimacy, preeminence, principality, right, sovereignty, autarchy, autocracy, authority, dictatorship, hegemony, magistracy, and potency. All of these words have different nuances and connotations, making them useful for various situations.