1. Writer
2. Penman
3. Scribe
4. Composer
5. Chronicler
6. Poet
7. Playwright
8. Journalist
9. Historian
10. Novelist
11. Publisher
12. Reporter
13. Essayist
14. Columnist
15. Scriptwriter
16. Editor
17. Copywriter
18. Authoress
19. Lyricist
20. Biographer
21. Ghostwriter
22. Broadcaster
23. Commentator
24. Scrivener
25. Publicist
26. Wordsmith
27. Storyteller
28. Novelizer
29. Librettist
30. Wordmonger

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “Author”? Look no further! Here we have listed 30 different words you can use to refer to an author. Whether you are looking for another word for author, other words for author, or synonyms for author, this list is sure to have the perfect one for you. From the more traditional terms such as writer and scribe to the more modern terms such as copywriter and scriptwriter, this list is sure to have the perfect word for your needs. Get creative and find the perfect word to use today!