1. Central Europe
2. The Alps
3. German-speaking
4. Alpine Republic
5. Republic of Austria
6. The Danube
7. The Heart of Europe
8. Tyrol
9. Styria
10. Vienna
11. Salzburg
12. Burgenland
13. Carinthia
14. Vorarlberg
15. Upper Austria
16. Lower Austria
17. The Austro-Hungarian Empire
18. The Habsburg Empire
19. The Republic of German-Austria
20. The Republic of Austria-Hungary
21. The Republic of German-Austria-Hungary
22. The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
23. The Austro-Hungarian Commonwealth
24. The Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy
25. The Republic of Austria-Hungary-Czechoslovakia
26. The Republic of Austria-Hungary-Romania
27. The Republic of Austria-Hungary-Serbia
28. The Republic of Austria-Hungary-Slovakia
29. The Austro-Hungarian Confederation
30. The Austro-Hungarian Union

When you’re looking for different ways to refer to Austria, you have plenty of options. From the traditional “Austria” to the more creative “The Heart of Europe,” there are a variety of synonyms that you can use to refer to this beautiful country. Whether you are looking for the best ideas or other words for Austria, you can find a variety of synonyms that will help you capture the essence of this country. From “Central Europe” to “The Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy,” you can find the perfect phrase to describe the unique history, culture, and beauty of Austria.