1. Antipodean
2. Oceania
3. Down Under
4. Aussie
5. Outback
6. Kangaroo
7. Koala
8. Tasmanian
9. Dingo
10. Didgeridoo
11. Boomerang
12. Walkabout
13. Sydney
14. Melbourne
15. Brisbane
16. Adelaide
17. Perth
18. Canberra
19. Territory
20. Outlander
21. Aborigine
22. Convict
23. Larrikin
24. Crikey
25. Sheila
26. Bloke
27. Mate
28. Vegemite
29. Pavlova
30. Lamington

Do you need ideas for other words to describe Australians? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best synonyms for the word «Australian» to help you find the right words for your project. From «Antipodean» to «Lamington», this list of 30 words gives you plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re writing a research paper, crafting a speech, or just want to spice up your vocabulary, these synonyms for «Australian» will give you the perfect words to express your ideas. From «Oceania» to «Mate», these words will help you capture the true essence of Australian culture. So the next time you need a new word to describe Australians, just consult this list of synonyms for «Australian» for the best ideas!