1. Ascribed
2. Allocated
3. Credited
4. Imposed
5. Assigned
6. Assumed
7. Connected
8. Referred
9. Linked
10. Charged
11. Ascribed
12. Vouched
13. Apportioned
14. Ascribed
15. Appurtenant
16. Assignable
17. Attributable
18. Attributed
19. Attributive
20. Attributory
21. Imputable
22. Referable
23. Referrible
24. Referred
25. Referrible
26. Referring
27. Refutable
28. Refutative
29. Relatable
30. Relating

Finding the best ideas for synonyms of the word «attributed» can be a challenge. When searching for other words for attributed, it is important to consider the context in which it is used. Depending on the context, a variety of words may be more suitable. For example, ascribed, allocated, credited, imposed, assigned, assumed, connected, referred, linked, charged, apportioned, appurtenant, assignable, attributable, attributive, attributory, imputable, referable, referrible, referred, referrible, referring, refutable, refutative, relatable, and relating are all potential synonyms for attributed. Each of these words has a slightly different meaning and should be considered when looking for the best synonym. It is recommended to use a thesaurus or dictionary to ensure that the best word is selected for the context in which it is used.