1. Dispositions
2. Orientations
3. Sentiments
4. Tendencies
6. Postures
7. Stances
8. Feelings
9. Perspectives
10. Aptitudes
11. Inclinations
12. Approaches
13. Predilections
14. Tendencies
15. Ideologies
16. Beliefs
17. Convictions
18. Assumptions
19. Opinions
20. Perspectives
21. Ideologies
22. Convictions
23. Assumptions
24. Postulations
25. Postures
26. Stances
27. Ideas
28. Notions
29. Impulses
30. Tendencies

Finding the best synonyms for the word «attitude» can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for another word for «attitude» to use in a creative writing project or simply need to find different words to express the same idea, there are plenty of ideas to consider. Some of the best synonyms for «attitude» include dispositions, orientations, sentiments, tendencies, views, postures, stances, feelings, perspectives, aptitudes, inclinations, approaches, predilections, tendencies, ideologies, beliefs, convictions, assumptions, opinions, perspectives, ideologies, convictions, assumptions, postulations, postures, stances, ideas, notions, impulses, and tendencies. Utilizing these synonyms for «attitude» can help you to create a more dynamic and interesting piece of writing.