1. Striving
2. Pursuing
3. Endeavoring
4. Trying
5. Undertaking
6. Venturing
7. Aiming
8. Experimenting
9. Striving
10. Exerting
11. Striving
12. Endeavoring
13. Striving
14. Endeavoring
15. Experimenting
16. Testing
17. Striving
18. Stressing
19. Striving
20. Aspiring
21. Questing
22. Striving
23. Contesting
24. Striving
25. Struggling
26. Striving
27. Contesting
28. Attaining
29. Striving
30. Challenging

Finding the best ideas for attempting something can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a variety of synonyms that can help you express the same idea. For instance, striving, pursuing, endeavoring, trying, undertaking, venturing, aiming, experimenting, exerting, stressing, aspiring, questing, contesting, struggling, attaining, and challenging are all other words for attempting. Using these synonyms can help you come up with the best ideas for attempting something. Whether you’re attempting a new project or trying something new, these synonyms can help you find the best way to express your ideas.