Synonyms for Astrology:

1. Celestial divination
2. Celestial prediction
3. Natal astrology
4. Horoscopy
5. Star divination
6. Star prediction
7. Horology
8. Zodiacology
9. Sidereal astrology
10. Cosmic divination
11. Cosmic prediction
12. Astromancy
13. Astral divination
14. Astral prediction
15. Stellascopy
16. Astro-meteorology
17. Astro-meteorological divination
18. Astro-meteorological prediction
19. Astro-theology
20. Astro-theological divination
20. Astro-theological prediction
21. Astrolatry
22. Astrological divination
23. Astrological prediction
24. Astrological science
25. Astrology
26. Astro-science
27. Astro-theology
28. Astronomy
29. Astronomical divination
30. Astronomical prediction

Searching for synonyms for astrology can be a daunting task. It is important to look for the best ideas and other words for astrology to ensure that your understanding of the subject is accurate. Some of the best synonyms for astrology include celestial divination, horoscopy, star divination, horology, zodiacology, sidereal astrology, cosmic divination, astromancy, astral divination, stellascopy, astro-meteorology, astro-theology, astrolatry, astrological divination, astrological prediction, astrological science, astro-science, astro-theology, astronomy, astronomical divination, and astronomical prediction. All of these terms can be used to accurately describe astrology and can be used in place of the word astrology to add variety and depth to your writing.