1. Amazed
2. Baffled
3. Flabbergasted
4. Surprised
5. Confounded
6. Gobsmacked
7. Stunned
8. Startled
9. Dumbfounded
10. Shocked
11. Awe-struck
12. Speechless
13. Breathless
14. Staggered
15. Thunderstruck
16. Nonplussed
17. Taken aback
18. Overwhelmed
19. Dazed
20. Awestruck
21. Bewildered
22. Flummoxed
23. Astonied
24. Discombobulated
25. Agape
26. Flummoxed
27. Agog
28. Stupefied
29. Struck dumb
30. Disconcerted

When it comes to finding the best ideas for other words for the term «astonished,» there are many options to choose from. Synonyms for the word «astonished» include amazed, baffled, flabbergasted, surprised, confounded, gobsmacked, stunned, startled, dumbfounded, shocked, awe-struck, speechless, breathless, staggered, thunderstruck, nonplussed, taken aback, overwhelmed, dazed, awestruck, bewildered, flummoxed, astonied, discombobulated, agape, flummoxed, agog, stupefied, struck dumb, and disconcerted. Each of these words offers a unique way to express the feeling of being astounded or surprised. Whether you are looking for a word to express your surprise in a casual conversation or a more formal setting, these synonyms can help you find the perfect expression.